ROBBIE WHYTE writes across various genres. Having worked in office administration, he completed a degree and a diploma in Literature and Creative Writing through the Open University. He is fortunate to write full time and lives with his husband in rural Scotland. They have been together for over twenty years and have a Siberian Husky who really likes long walks, which Robbie does not enjoy! Luckily, his husband does - probably why the dog dotes on him.

Away from the keyboard, he enjoys watching and occasionally taking part in sport. He’s getting older, heavier and slower, but he keeps trying. His ego and waistline demand it. It’s a losing battle.

Robbie also likes games, television, films, theatre, and books. “Most writers like books,” he says. “It’s one of those things; you have to read to write; it goes hand in hand. Apart from always learning - and seeing what the competition is up to - writers read a lot.”

He is currently working on a crime novel featuring three characters who have appeared in two of his short stories. Ashley, Gideon and Claire feature in Time is Pressing – ‘Touched by a Rainbow’ and After Alderney – ‘Rainbow’s End,’ the concluding ‘Rainbow’ series piece.